OKC needs to trade Westbrook here's why

OKC don’t feel bad there's nothing you could have done. The Blazers and more importantly Dame, had one of those games where no one in the league could have beat them. I mean come on you guys switched on screens put hands up and did not foul but it did not matter. No one was stopping Dame last night. It just seemed like the letter O could not miss.

The defense took away the three point so Lillard just decided to paint his own at the logo. If there was a four point line Lillard would have hit from it multiple times that night.

Kanters defense was unmatched as well he flew through the air with his hands obviously up and not only disrupted a lot of shots but kept himself out of foul trouble.

What else could OKC have done? They were up 15 with seven minutes left it seemed like they had it won. And then out of the corner of the camera Nurkic was spotted. Without even stepping onto the court he helped to Blazers win.

Russell Westbrook and Paul George combined for 65 points but it just was not enough. This was Westbrooks best shooting game of the series he made a few threes and had a triple double.

It is clear however that the Thunder need to make changes this offseason

Russell Westbrook is not a modern NBA guard the few threes he made last night was a rare occurrence from the guard who is often called Westbrick. He is explosive as a torpedo but it does not fit well into Billy Donovan's typical high pick and roll offense. Westbrook is not a good leader either he talks a lot of crap but can not back it up. Lillard let's play speak for him Westbrook should take notes.

OKC also desperately needs depth besides Steven Adams OKC does not have a legitimate threat down low. And Adams multiple times throughout the series was so fatigued that he did not cross half court or even the free throw line. Forcing OKC into a four on five which never works out well.

Sam Presti should consider trading Westbrook to a team like New York Pheonix or Cleveland for a draft pick. OKC would greatly benefit from Ja Morant who is projected to be either the first or second pick in this years draft. Morant would bring the three point shooting that the Thunder desperately lack at the point guard spot.

The Proposed trade: Russell Westbrook to Phoenix for their 2019 draft pick.

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