What if the real OK3 never split up

Remember the OKC big 3 they had? Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and James Harden they all were on the same team. It’s crazy to think because they are all dominating the league on seperate teams what would have happened if they would have keeped James Harden.

It’s hard to tell because James Harden looks to be like a one man team on the Rockets. He’s putting up 40+ games way to easily. He’s killing it, although the refs call way to much on him sometimes. Come on he shot 25 free throws in a game.

The snake, He had to go different ways with OKC. KD joined the warriors back in 2016 after the Warriors easily beat the Thunder in the playoffs. Kevin Durant is still playing for the Warriors and is still putting up good stats with 2 other scorers on the team. Although he takes a lot of stupid shots they still win a lot.

Russell Westbrook is the only player left on the Thunder. Yes the guy who beat Oscar Robertson's triple double record. The man who took the six step travel a couple years ago. Westbrook isn’t doing as good as he was 2 seasons ago. The man who can’t hit a three pointer to save his life. Westbrook is an awful shooter and leave that to Paul George.

Last year the Thunder had a disappointing season. OKC tried to replace the old 3 with Westbrook, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony. If you payed attention to Melo recently you know he makes every team worse. Last season was a rough time and they had to get rid of Carmelo. Now they only have 2 big stars on the team. It seems like a repeating pattern for this franchise.

The Thunder are probably feeling so stupid after the James Harden trade, it was probably for the best. The big 3 probably wouldn’t even play good. I feel like they wouldn’t play well together because James Harden wouldn’t have developed like he has now. Westbrook and Kevin Durant takes so many shots. I don’t think they would start James Harden he would just be the 6th man. James Harden was really good for him to get traded and now he is an all star who is averaging 36.6ppg.

The Thunder are just getting back into it this season and they are doing good this season. They definitely made a good decision in trading for Paul George. Paul George is carrying the Thunder right now. He’s just hitting game winners constantly. They are surprising me and they are 3rd in the Western Conference.

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