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Hamidou Diallo wins 2019 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest with epic elbow slam over Shaq

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It is incredibly difficult to create an iconic moment in the Slam Dunk competition. Rookie Diallo just did it.

Thunder rookie Hamidou Diallo was a late addition to the 2019 NBA All-Star Slam Dunk competition, but not necessarily a surprising one. While his rookie year has had its stops and starts, one thing abundantly clear is his vertical explosiveness.

As we all know after having observed over the years the dunk contest during All-Star weekend, it is incredibly hard to create a memory to etch into our jaded brains that becomes an iconic moment. There’s only one Vince Carter elbow dunk. There’s only one Dwight Howard Superman dunk.

But now?

Diallo, jumping over the 7’1” Shaq, doing the VC elbow dunk, all the while wearing the Superman “S.”

Hami Time.

And your 2019 Slam Dunk Champ.