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Russell Westbrook discusses his game and the criticisms that surround it

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Westbrook was extremely candid during Wednesday’s media session.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Westbrook’s style of play is one that gets talked about throughout the game of basketball. Media, fans, and players alike seem captivated by the Oklahoma City Thunder guard’s game. Oftentimes those discussions bring up some criticisms. Westbrook was quite candid about those yesterday afternoon.

“I’ve been blessed with the talent to not give a (expletive),” said Westbrook.

Does Westbrook feel like those criticisms have made him a better player and person today?

“It’s something I’ve had to fight through my whole life,” said Westbrook. “It’s the reason I have the motto of ‘Why Not.’ It’s what I really believe in. It’s truly what I stand by because there are many people in the world that will let somebody or people tell them they can or can not do something. ‘Oh that can’t happen again. You can’t do that again. You may never see that again.’ ... “Those are words I don’t use in my vocabulary ‘Can’t. Never.’ It doesn’t work. Why not me? Why not be able to do something to change the culture, change basketball, change the way it’s played? I just think differently man, and that’s how I’ve always thought.”

No matter the conversation, Russ is going to be Russ.

“Regardless of what people say, good or bad, you can write a great (article) ... people can pat me on my back every day and I’m going to give you the same response. As you guys know I don’t change for nobody, for nothing. I do the same thing every night and I’ll continue to do that.”

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