December 15: Three Trade Scenarios for the Thunder

Trade 1

OKC get Mitchell Robinson C (2 years $1,6m): Taj Gibson PF (2 years $9m) Dennis Smith Jr PG (2 years $4.5m) in total $16.1m

NY KNiCKS get Schroder (2 years $15.5m) T-Ferg (2 years $4.5m) Nerlens Noel (1 years $1.6m) for $21.6m

Why OKC do it: For $5m cap relief, Mitchell Robinson and maybe we can resurrect DS Jr.

Why KNICKS do it. For Schroder's scoring. The possibility of resigning Noel? And maybe they've never seen T-Ferg play.

Trade 2

OKC get Parsons SF, Crabbe SG, Evan Turner SG, Bruno Fernando PF, Alex Len C, Charlie Brown for $68m

ATL get CP3, Gallinari, T-Ferg, Noel, Burton, Patton also for $68m

Why OKC do it: For CP3 cap relief. Tanking of course and also, Charlie Brown... Plus all six players are on prove it one year deals. AND we need to start cycling through better players looking for keepers.

Why ATL do it: They need another PG and a great tutor for Trae. Also Gallo. Also some defense from T_Ferg and Noel.

Trade 3

OKC get Bazemore SG, Skal PF, Collins PF, Little SF (4yrs) Trent Jr SG (2yrs) all for $29m

PORT get ,Gallinari, T-Ferg, Muscala, Burton, Patton for same amount $29m

Why OKC do it: For tanking and a youth intake as we need to start cycling through better players looking for keepers.

Why PORT do it: They think they can contend with Gallo. Thus they will take our rubbish and give us some youth in return.

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