Stalker Lakers vs OKC at Chesapeake GAMEDAY THREAD

So many question marks over this repeat performance... Didn't we just deal with these guys?

It's deja vu all over again, as the bully boy Lakers follow us back to Oklahoma like a creepy stalker, after a date that has already ended badly... Do they share a flight to be thrifty? Or simply to get some trash-talk action going?

The heartbreaking 112-107 loss was not enough for the likes of LBJ, AD and KCW, because now they seek to rub our faces in it at home, but TBH they can GTFO!

Will the home-court advantage and rest be enough to redress the five point deficit that came on a back-to-back?

Or is our self-belief crumbling... And, we're FINALLY committing to TANKING!

Also, does Mr Unreliable (Shrewder) have another 31-point performance in him?

...He probably does at some point in the future, but why would it come tonight? Unless he's making an unforeseen sixth-man of the year campaign...

The old man Adams saga also continues tonight, as Billy Donovan tries to run Old Yeller further into the ground. At this point in time, I feel like he should be put down, or out to pasture... Or they should stop shaving him pre-game then release him into the wild... Or back to Atlantis... Not Atlanta, that's not how you treat a faithful servant at all, why break his defensive heart by dumping him into that hot mess...

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