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Thunder Preseason Game 1 Recap: Wow, That’s Different

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It’s just the preseason, so let’s not take this too seriously. But still.

NBA: Preseason-Dallas Mavericks at Oklahoma City Thunder Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

It was an exciting affair simply by existing: Thunder basketball (in some iteration) is back.

Last night, the OKC Thunder played the Dallas Mavericks, winning 119-104. Read 2 quick, hipshot takeaways to start your morning.

Be excited about Adams 2.0

Nobody needs to be reminded of the Thunder’s massive roster turnover. Necessarily, roles and goals (cool rhyme) for each and every player changed. Billy Donovan said much of the offense will be ran through our bigs. You could see a glimpse of that last night just like we did in the Blue/White game. Adams and Noel both handled the ball above the 3 point line facilitating handoffs that led to wide open looks by Gallo and Schroeder at different points. Adams is a gifted passer, though we’ve seen very little of it in his career. Expect an uptick in his assist numbers this year.

PSA: This is where I would display a beautifully embedded video of Adams’ passing, but it appears has blocked the ability to download or copy links from their videos, which is an act of basketball terrorism. Lawyer up.

On another Adams note, he’s going to score and rebound a whole lot more. A whole lot more.

I’m willing to put this in writing: I believe Steve Adams will average 18/11/3 for the year, and I’ll give myself a +-1.5 on each of those stats.

And most of all, our prince hit a 3. This is extremely notable. Not only did he make it, he shot it. He was allowed to shoot that shot.

This is, sadly, maybe (?), not going to be a regularity going forward, given the way the bench reacted. But there’s also this video:

This is bittersweet. Given recent trade rumors, if Adams starts draining from deep, his trade value will skyrocket.

Beefy Boys

It looks like Hamidou Dialo and Terrance Ferguson beefed up a bit this year. They’ve both got frames to pack on muscle, and getting pushed around a bit last year signaled a need to pump some iron. Both are explosive athletes who could only improve and enhance their natural gifts with some gainz.

But look. Here’s Ferguson and followed by last night:


Maybe there’s some more muscle there. I thought the same about Hami. Did anyone else think this?