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The way to Steven Adams’ heart

A funny thing happened on the way to the toy store.

via @okcthunder

Steven Adams, rebounding hero, has an appetite for copious amounts of food. This should not be surprising to you. He also has a passion for connecting with fans, and via the Thunder’s annual Holiday Assist program, he got a chance to indulge in both.

The NZ Herald reports:

During the Oklahoma City Thunder’s annual Holiday Assist programme, Adams was blown away by the gesture of a young fans - who bought the big Kiwi a $25 dollar Burger King voucher.


And while Adams expected to be the one to make the young fan’s day, the fan did the same for him.

“He’s taken me somewhere in the shop where no toys were really and then he told me to stop, wait here and I couldn’t follow him, and then he got me a little gift card and came back,” Adams explained.

”It hurt my heart, mate; hurt my heart. Yeah, it felt good.”

Steven Adams’ kind appetite for giving and receiving would make O’Henry proud.