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Steven Adams: NBA life makes you ‘super bougie’

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Adams is having his best season yet, but still tries to keep it down to earth.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Steven Adams has just witnessed his teammate Paul George being named as an All-Star starter in this year’s festivities, and if his fans would have it, Adams might be able to join him in the festivities.

While Adams doesn’t normally fit the profile of an All-Star player — he’s not likely to be hoisting threes any time soon, despite my strongest insistence he do so — his presence over the weekend would be fitting given his role as one of the most important players on his team as well as his influence in the league so far this season.

While Adams was in the throng of reporters during OKC’s win over the Knicks, he was asked what life is like as an NBA player. Adams’ response?

”You turn a bit bougie,” says Adams.

Come again? “Just super bougie,” Adams reinforces later.

Yes, bougie – or boo-gee as it sounds through Adams’ unmistakable Kiwi accent - as in fancy, extravagant and elaborate. This isn’t exactly the first descriptor that comes to mind when you visualise the 2.13m, 120kg Adams. With his wild mop of hair, gruff beard and tattooed body, Adams is a walking representation of blue collar, albeit operating in a professional world of extravagance.

”It’s just one of those things where I try to give myself reality checks,” Adams said of life in the NBA. “But you just can’t help it.”

Even as Adams laments the grind that is an 82 game season, he still has appreciation for his opportunities to travel and see different places in the US:

“On top of all the work, it’s really good and it truly is amazing stuff,’ Adams said. “You fly in private planes and you get to see different parts of America.

”Even though you may only spend one day in that city, you still get to travel to different parts of America. Yeah, bro, it’s a good time.”

Props to Adams for continuing to try and keep it real. But, you know, he’s still “super bougie.”