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Westbrook, George, Adams and the gang take in UFC fight night

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The Thunder made the trek to the big UFC fight in style. Sort of.

via @UFC

Mere hours after the Thunder knocked out the 76ers on their home court in Philadelphia, OKC traveled 90 miles north to catch UFC fight night and Henry Cejudo’s victory over T.J. Dillashaw. Talk about a party bus.

UFC’s Twitter feed highlighted the Thunder guys sitting together, including Russell Westbrook, Paul George (featuring Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary), Jerami Grant, Ray Felton, and Steven Adams.

But what about this whole thing was most notable to me? Watch the gif.

Here, let me help you out.

What are the odds these are the same flip flops that Adams was wearing during his post-game shower at Wells Fargo Center, likely with serious funk and mildew on them at this point, only to stride into Barclays Center mere hours later, likely to sit down in high profile seats next to the other glitterati to watch the big fight?

Steven Adams endorses Oklahoma beef and these jandals, and nothing can keep this man from his flippy floppies. Choice.