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Say What? Westbrook, George, Donovan sound off on Thunder media day

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Thunder media day featured the usual array of fun quotes from OKC’s leading men.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder-Media Day Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Media day for teams is always a fun, low-pressure environment for players to introduce themselves (or reintroduce themselves) to their fanbase.

The Oklahoman grabbed the 10 best quotes from the Thunder’s media day, and here are a few for you to enjoy. Not surprisingly, Russell Westbrook gave a remarkably nuanced answer to his approach:

I be myself at all times as you guys know, and it’s important to do that, and that’s part of being a leader, part of being a leader of this team, an organization, and that’s what I do.

Yeah, just kidding.

Here is Billy Donovan discussing newcomer Dennis Schroder:

Well, before the trade ever happened, I had an opportunity to speak with Dennis, and we had some very, very candid conversations, and the one thing I would say coming from those conversations is that he’s extremely competitive, and winning is a high priority for him.

Here’s Paul George on Westbrook’s recruitment house party:

Russ got a new house?

Lastly, be sure to check out all of them, but my favorite is Schroder reminiscing on pre-draft workouts which involved one youthfully shorn Steven Adams:

I remember his screens still.

We’re inching closer. Hang in there, we’ll make it through this offseason together. Just thinking about it makes Enes Kanter’s nipples hard.