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Free agent Jamal Crawford could provide scoring punch for Thunder bench

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Should OKC look at signing the veteran sharpshooter?

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Media days for each team have begun, signaling that the NBA season is just around the corner. With the season approaching the Thunder roster is nearly set. However, that does not mean the Thunder could not make one move to improve their team. The Thunder should sign free agent shooting guard Jamal Crawford.

Crawford has defined his career as being a valuable role player on most teams he as been on in his career. Crawford has won three 6th Man of the Year Awards. He brings a defined skillset in his shooting. And he will play well off of other players such as Westbrook and George.

Particularly as OKC looks at starting the season without Andre Roberson and potentially Russell, Westbrook, Crawford offers value that the Thunder can use. Crawford is an instead spark off the bench and has an uncanny ability to get a hot hand. Secondly, Crawford can help with the lack of scoring while Westbrook is recovering from surgery in the beginning of the season. Finally, Crawford is a solid playmaker, who can create a shot for himself along with his teammates.

Great bench spark

Crawford has been an offensive force coming off the bench for much of his career. With a career average of 15 ppg, he can help a Thunder bench that struggled to score last season. Also, if Crawford gets hot he can put up a lot of points fast. Crawford has scored over 50 three times in his career.

His scoring ability could be crucial during the first part of the season,as the Thunder’s superstar Russell Westbrook is likely to miss the first few games of the regular season due to an arthroscopic surgery.

Two of the Thunder’s first four games are against the best teams in each conference. They open against the defending champion Golden State Warriors. Then, in game four, Oklahoma City faces the Boston Celtics who have a loaded and young roster. Both Boston and Golden are great defensive teams as well, so adding Crawford can help them score against these teams while Westbrook is out.

A solid playmaker

Jamal Crawford is known as a great ball handler and tough shot maker. Crawford is one of the best finishers around the rim and puts on a show when he begins to dribble. However, Crawford is still adept at creating shots for others, as his 3.4 career assist per game average attests.

Here’s a highlight reel of some of Crawford’s best ball handling moments:

While Westbrook is gone, Dennis Schroder will start and be the point guard for the starters. Leaving the bench with a lack of playmaking it had last year. Adding Crawford can solve that issue until Westbrook is healthy.

When Westbrook returns, a tandem of Schroder and Crawford off the bench becomes dangerous. Both can get to any spot on the floor and score. In addition, their great ability to get to the rim will set up other players with open shots.

Crawford lastly brings the perspective of a seasoned veteran who is used to big games in the playoffs.

If the Thunder were to inquire about Crawford, they still have a roster spot remaining and could sign him to a veteran’s minimum contract. While he doesn’t want to sign a deal just to sign a deal, could the situation in OKC be the right fit?


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