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Steven Adams will whip you in the face with his sweaty hair

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Also, you better eat your Weetbix if you want to be like Steven. A lot of them.

As many of us are aware, having long hair while doing vigorous physical activity can be a challenge. Unless your name is Steven Adams.

During Steven Adamssummer camp media briefing, he was asked by one of the children how sweaty his hair got during games.

Adams’ answer: “It is real gross.”

However, Adams is nothing if not resourceful, so he utilizes his ponytail to his advantage by whipping it into opponents’ faces:

“It whips them in the eye and they get really mad,” he said.

Among other important notables, Adams once ate 23 Weetbix in one sitting.

Kids, don’t try this at home.

”I felt so bad afterwards.”


How many Weetbix could you eat in one sitting?

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