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Shot, Bro! Steven Adams tees off for his invitational charity golf tournament

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Talk about a worm burner, am I right???

Steven Adams apparently plays golf. How this revelation has eluded me for years, I will never know. And not only that, but hosts his own charity golf tournament at Windross Farm in New Zealand. I now commit myself to figuring out a way to watch Adams play a full round of golf.

Does he have a good swing? Darned if I know. I just wish he was rocking his janky flip flops and goofy fur hat.

Ron Burgundy: Um, Brick, before I let you go, are you still having your celebrity golf tournament?

Brick Tamland: Um, no, no. Too many people died last year, so we’re not gonna.


Could you beat Steven Adams at a round of golf?

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  • 24%
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  • 9%
    (7 votes)
  • 66%
    Doesn’t matter, I just want to hear him make fun of Reggie Jackson for 18 holes
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