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Steven Adams’ new autobiography: ‘My Life, My Fight’

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Behind the scenes look of Thunder Center, Steven Adams.

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Steven Adams releases his new autobiography book to his native country, New Zealand, on Monday, July 30, 2018. Adams will be sharing his story in this book about the time he grew up in Rotorua, New Zealand and battling against depression when his father passes away, his draft night jitters, the tough challenges he had to face to get in the league and to remain aggressive when battling against other NBA stars and veterans, and much more.

The book is not quite yet released to any bookstores near you in the US until October 9, 2018, but you can purchase a paperback on Amazon to ship it in your mail right away, or you can preorder a hardcover or Kindle Edition and wait for it to deliver to you on/shortly after October 9. The IBooks version is expected to be published on October 16, making it possible for you to read on any of you Apple mobile devices.

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Preview of book (CONTAIN SPOILERS)

I didn’t care which organisation drafted me. I didn’t care who my future team-mates would be. All I cared about was not falling over in front of the world. I repeated this to myself as the NBA commissioner, David Stern, walked on stage to loud boos from a Brooklyn crowd.

My brothers Mohi and Sid had flown over from New Zealand to be with me for the 2013 draft, and I looked across to see if they knew what was going on. They shrugged their shoulders and seemed as confused as I was. What did we know? We were just three farming brothers from Rotorua, and yet here we were on one of the biggest nights of the American sporting calendar, waiting to see which NBA team I’d be playing for next season and acting like we wore fancy suits all the time.

David Stern kept talking and the crowd kept booing. When he congratulated the Miami Heat on winning another championship, the booing got louder. What I didn’t realise was this was Stern’s last draft and the crowd was using the occasion to make its feelings known about the polarising commissioner. I scanned the crowd at the Barclays Center, which was packed with diehard NBA fans who probably cared about basketball more than I did. I’d never been an NBA fan, I didn’t even have a favourite player, and I had certainly never watched the draft before.

Earlier this year, Adams was asked what the autobiography was about, and had a perfect response:

“It’s about myself ... that’s pretty much it mate”