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Thunder vs Hornets, Las Vegas Summer League open thread

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OKC is in Vegas for the annual summer league!

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Thunder have long been participants in the summer league, albeit in Orlando. WTLC has sent numerous writers down there over the years, always enjoying the experience to see guys up close, talk to scouts, and observe how cantankerous Larry Bird is in virtually every setting.

My last foray down to Orlando was in 2016. It...did not go well. After a certain Players Tribune PR piece was posted, within minutes the energy escaped the Amway Center. The remaining Thunder guys essentially watched championship aspirations vanish into thin air (which, now that I think of it, may also explain the entire Mitch McGary experience).

But since then, the NBA has consolidated itself into the Las Vegas Summer League showcase, a new summer league with new things to look for, so consider this today’s open thread for the Thunder vs Hornets, or any other game/player you’d like to discuss.

On top of that, our very own Chris Grenham is in Vegas covering the events, so keep an eye here for any Thunder news, and be sure to follow Chris’ Twitter feed.

It’s July; it’s not like anything else is going on for the next two months.

(If the game airs on social media, I will embed in this post)