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Russell Westbrook featured in SI’s Fashionable 50 List

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Westbrook was joined by Carmelo Anthony on the fashionable list.

David Sherman/Getty Images

Sports Illustrated recently released their third annual Fashionable 50 List, honoring the “world’s most fashionable athletes.” The list is selected by stylists, fashion editors, and “other influencers in the industry”, so naturally Russell Westbrook found himself towards the top of the list.

The feature describes Westbrook as the “self-proclaimed Fashion King”, while noting his continued surge in the style world.

“The 29-year-old also continued his surge in the style world, launching his own fashion label called Honor the Gift, a collection of unisex streetwear inspired by the Los Angeles neighborhood of Hawthorne that helped shape him growing up. What’s next for the NBA’s sartorial sovereign? After storming the streets of Paris for Fashion Week in June, Westbrook heads back to training for another season with OKC—and yet another daily display of his unorthodox, unmatched style.”

Further down the list is Carmelo Anthony’s “cool and straight-forward style”. SI highlighted his “affinity for slim-fit suits, hats, and crew neck sweaters.”

“Melo’s nickname is a representation of his style: mellow, cool and understated at times. He’s a smooth character—you never look at his outfits and get overwhelmed.”

Check out Sports Illustrated’s full list here: