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Do the Oklahoma City Thunder show their fans the winning love?

The thunder treat their home fans to wins more so than most professional sports cities.

Dallas Mavericks v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Five Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images recently did a study gathering statistics on victories at home across the four major professional sports leagues. So where do the Oklahoma City Thunder stack up?

In terms of the NBA, the Thunder are the second best home team, winning 70.2% of games at Chesapeake Energy Arena. The San Antonio Spurs grabbed the top spot, winning 73.9% of contests at home.

Relative to other leagues, NBA teams fare best at home, winning more than 61% of contests in front of friendly fans. The Spurs, our best team at home, have historically done plenty of winning wherever they play: The team owns the best overall win percentage of any active franchise. The Oklahoma City Thunder’s lineage is shorter in its current home city, but the team has given its fans plenty to love. Since relocating and changing names in 2008, the team has had just one losing season.

Across the four major professional sports leagues, the Thunder and Spurs and are one and two on the overall lists as well, with Salt Lake City coming in third at 69.6%.

The study also breaks down cities by how many teams they have, which places Oklahoma City and San Antonio in the same category.

According to our stats, a little fan enthusiasm goes a long way: The home team wins nearly 56% of the time. But some cities seem to give their teams a little extra nudge in the right direction – or a spur perhaps. San Antonio led all cities in the percentage of home games won, chalking up the win in almost three-quarters of contests. All of the winningest at-home cities were one-team towns, and all except Green Bay host NBA franchises.

You can check out more on the study here: