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Sounds of Thunder: OKC Thunder 2018 Playoff game 4 player grades

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After 3 beatings, each worse than the last, the Thunder’s prospects aren’t promising.

Poor Professor...

I’m not certain how the grades were going to turn out, but I don’t think the picture of the burning portable crappers sitting on his desk was a good sign.

Personally, my question is this. Do the Oklahoma City Thunder realize they are one game away from becoming a punchline? Just a single loss away from the words, “2018 Thunder”, standing for any group of big name players that are so self entitled, they blow off working hard for an entire season because their egos have convinced them the only requirement for winning is showing up? Do they even care?

I guess we will find out Wednesday night.

Very few will be old enough to remember this old commercial, but someone should have shown it to this bunch a long, long, time ago: