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The life of Steven Adams: ‘I’m weird’

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Royce Young’s chronicle of the evolution of the Big Kiwi is a must-read.

NBA: Playoffs-Oklahoma City Thunder at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

It might be late in the year, but it appears that on Monday, April 23, with the Thunder trailing 2-1 to the Utah Jazz, we are graced with one of the best Steven Adams articles of the entire NBA season. The more Adams content the better, and thankfully, ESPN’s Royce Young seems to agree.

As one would assume, this piece is loaded with great quotes. I’ll make sure not to ruin it for you, but some of these just need to be highlighted.

Young reminds people early on that the Thunder center is only 24-years-old. Despite playing like a grizzled veteran, he remains one of the NBA’s most consistent 25-and-under players. His age quickly comes to light when he begins talking about video games or the zoo.

When discussing Fortnite, the current game of choice, Adams immediately goes after the Thunder’s elder stateman, Nick Collison. The Big Kiwi is a master at Fortnite, claiming that most of the team plays, except Mr. Thunder.

“Nick’s probably on Nintendo or some s---.”

Away from the humorous quotes, which there are plenty of, Young’s piece points out many of Adams most commendable qualities. His selflessness, eagerness to improve, and self-deprecating ways are what make him a favorite of Thunder fans everywhere. In fact, those are three of the many reasons why I labeled him as the “World’s Greatest Player” earlier this fall. If I were to tell Adams that, I’m sure he would respond a very modest way, similarly to how he responds to being a public figure.

“In New Zealand, you get the well-known people, but you won’t look at them for like a moral compass,” Adams said. “Over here, some people look to these athletes to, like, solve their problems. It’s like, ‘Bro, we play basketball.’”

He definitely keeps it real 100% of the time, and Thunder fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

OK, fine. Just one more quote, and then I’ll let you read it for yourself.

When asked about his relationship with Russell Westbrook, Adams responded in the most Adams way possible:

“I don’t look into it too much, it’s just who I am. See, because I’m weird. I’m really f---ing weird. Socially awkward, at best. Just bizarre. [I] say weird stuff all the time. So I don’t look into relationships too much. Like, ‘Ah we had this one moment.’ Nothing like that. It’s just, ‘S---, does he like me? This is who I am, go f---yourself if you don’t like me.’”