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Get your Paul George ‘Playoff P’ shirt

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Time to power up!

Breaking T

Heading into the post-season, with the Thunder on wobbly knees, their biggest off-season acquisition had something to say.

“Y’all ain’t met Playoff P yet, huh?” George said after Saturday’s practice. “I’m used to these matchups. I’m used to playing against the best offensive guy in these moments. That’ll be my role.”

Paul George, All-Star, finished the regular season waiting to prove his bona fides in the games that matter most. His response? A game 1 outing vs the Utah Jazz that people have now been talking about for four straight days. And now, you can remind everyone around you that “Playoff P” is on your Thunder team with WTLC’s new t-shirt from Breaking T.

Breaking T

So the next time you see George go off in a playoff game, dropping step-back three’s and picking your pocket, just remember, he tried to warn us all. Order your Playoff P t-shirt today.

Breaking T

These shirts are high quality, super soft, and they age exceptionally well. If you’re trying to choose between sizes, go with the larger of the two.

Questions? Let us know.