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Get your Westbrook and Collison ‘Since 2008’ T-Shirt

Commemorate the possible end of an era.

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The 2018 NBA Playoffs are upon us, and with the Thunder ready to take action against the Utah Jazz, there is no better time to unveil our newest t-shirt offering for you, exclusively at WTLC.

Breaking T

As we all know, Mr. Thunder, Nick Collison, may be preparing to trade in his high tops for wing tips as this season winds comes to an end. An integral part of the Thunder culture since the team relocated to OKC, in 2008 Collison welcomed a young, aggressive, and passionate point guard named Russell Westbrook into the fold. Nearly 10 years later, their bond and friendship culminated in what might be Collison’s final regular season sendoff:

With such a moment still fresh in our minds, there is no better time to launch this newest t-shirt, which commemorates another fun moment.

-This White Men CAN jump-

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What are you waiting for? Order your Westbrook and Collison ‘Since 2008’ t-shirt today.

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These shirts are high quality, super soft, and they age exceptionally well. If you’re trying to choose between sizes, go with the larger of the two.

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