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Patrick Patterson talks Black Panther

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We hear about 2Pat’s childhood movie experiences, plus his feelings on Marvel’s latest film.

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One month ago, we discussed Patrick Patterson’s love for movies and how he’s using that passion to connect with the OKC community. Well now he’s getting more specific, this time focusing on one movie in particular: Black Panther.

I’ll start by saying this, if you haven’t seen Black Panther yet, go see it as soon as possible. It is absolutely phenomenal. In his recent Players Tribune article, Patterson agrees.

This piece is more than just a review of Marvel’s latest film. Patterson discusses his childhood perception of the film industry, and how it impacted his feelings towards Black Panther. It wasn’t until college when he began to think critically about the movie industry.

Patterson discusses his realization of Hollywood’s treatment of black actors. Besides a few exceptions like Denzel Washington and Samuel L. Jackson, it was rare to see a black actor in a main role. Black Panther changes that pattern. Within one weekend, Marvel’s latest movie made by a black writer/director and a mostly black cast became a worldwide sensation with the 5th best opening weekend of all time, and rightfully so.

2Pat talks more about his movie experiences as a kid, waiting to see Black Panther due to a vacation to Mexico, and the unparalleled reaction he’s seen following it’s release.

Give Patterson’s article a read here: