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Phil Naessens Show: where are the Thunder headed the rest of the season?

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On this podcast, we discuss the Thunder’s trajectory, how things may shake out in each conference, and much more. Listen in!

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In this edition of the Phil Naessens Show, we have much to discuss, beginning with the Thunder’s erratic play as of late. Unsurprisingly, Andre Roberson gets a major call-out, and we also talk about the Thunder’s prospects as well as our dark horses, our overrated teams, and much more.

From Phil:

On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show Sherm from Welcome to Loud City joins Phil to discuss why the Oklahoma City Thunder have a difficult time winning winnable games, why the Thunder isn’t the same without Andre Roberson, Zaza Pachulia and his landing on Russell Westbrook, the most underrated and overrated potential playoff teams and plenty more great NBA talk!!

Listen in!