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Patrick Patterson uses movies to connect with the OKC community

Let’s discuss 2Pat’s top five favorite films.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder-Media Day Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Most of you know Patrick Patterson as the guy who comes off the bench for the Thunder as a big-bodied defensive presence. Or maybe you just know him as 2Pat. He’s not the most notable player on OKC’s roster, but he’s becoming rather noteworthy in the OKC community.

Patterson is a huge fan of film, so while playing for the Raptors he decided to create “Pat Presents” movie viewing party. As KFOR reports, he’ll post an announcement on social media, and then fans write back which movie they think he should watch next. Patterson picks from those fans and they get to see a private pre-screening of a movie with the Thunder forward.

It allows 2Pat to meet with fans, hear their stories, and then enjoy the film alongside of them.

When asked who would play him in his own movie, Patterson replied, “Oh that’s easy, Idris Elba. I’m a big Idris Elba fan since he did ‘The Wire’”

This story was great for me because I now know he’s a fan of Stringer Bell. Who knew Patterson and I had such a close connection? Before we move on, I’d be remiss if I didn’t put Bell’s NSFW lesson on macroeconomics in here. And for our younger crowd: Yes, Heimdall is from Baltimore.

Patterson also said he loves Denzel Washington, so what do we think his top five favorite movies would be?

  1. American Gangster - This has both Idris and Denzel, so one would assume it’s towards the top.
  2. He Got Game - Naturally.
  3. Zootopia - Really shows Idris’ versatility, 2Pat has to appreciate this one.
  4. Training Day - Peak badass-Denzel.
  5. Thunderstruck - The critically acclaimed masterpiece.