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All-Star Weekend: what Thunder fans can look for

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What’s in store for Russ and PG in LA?

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Ahh All-Star Weekend. Thunder fans are lucky enough to have two participants this year in Russell Westbrook and Paul George. Here’s a few thoughts to keep in mind as you enjoy the festivities.

Do you think PG and Russ have anything special planned to highlight the weekend?

Russ is rather unpredictable, and PG is normally focused on being the greatest two-way player planet earth has ever seen, so I’m not so sure one can guess if they have anything planned for the weekend. HOWEVER, I can certainly tell you what I would like to see.

Russ and PG are finally on the court at the same time around the midway point of the second quarter. Russ gets the ball at halfcourt; he stops. PG walks up to him and hands him a mic. Russ then tells the Staples Center crowd to look at the jumbotron. A four-minute Andre Roberson tribute video follows. The entire crowd is brought to tears.

How does PG do in the 3-point shootout?

Klay Thompson is the favorite to take home the crown here, but I think PG holds his own. Plenty of his in-game threes are either run-off screens or of the catch-and-shoot variety, so maybe if we can get Russ to feed him the ball, he’ll be right there with Klay and Bradley Beal.

Predict Russ’ wildest outfit (oompah band look already taken)

Russ can get pretty creative, so I think he pulls out all the stops for ASW.

I’ll go somewhere in between the pharaoh:

and the beekeeper:

But I would also be very happy with RK’s prediction.



LeBron drafted both Durant and Westbrook on his team, and he’s the one guy in the league who can force them to play nice. What happens?

In a perfect world, Russ goes uber-petty on everyone. Each time he goes to pass the ball to KD, he stops, shakes his head, and passes it to PG instead. No words spoken. Granted this probably won’t happen, but man that would be awesome.

Does Russ take home another All-star Game MVP award?

As much as I’d love to see it, I don’t see the NBA giving it to Russ 3 out of the last 4 years. He’ll probably play as hard, if not harder than anyone else on the floor, but I bet the league changes things up a little bit and gives it to someone new.

Predict the most memorable moment that will transpire. you think they have anything special planned to highlight the weekend?

If the NBA truly knows what’s best for the league, they’ll do the right thing.

At halftime they’ll announce a surprise second-half appearance to build up some anticipation. Then, just a few minutes into the third quarter, Steven Adams will come running out of the tunnel and head straight for the scorer’s table. He’ll check in, and naturally corral 20 offensive rebounds and take home the game’s MVP award.

I should really have some pull in planning All-Star Weekend.