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Thunder Views Valentines Day Edition

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Current things I love about our Thunder

Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Heading into the all-star break, I figured it’d be fitting to adjust our normal format towards Valentines Day. After all, yesterday did involve a three-point-filled win, so this year’s holiday treated OKC well.

While there’s so much to love about this Thunder team, I did my best to narrow it down to a short list of some things we might have taken for granted over the last few weeks.

Steven Adams

I mean, c’mon, you had to have known this was going to be atop the list. Realistically, I could write a 15,000 word ode to the big Kiwi, instead I’ll just include some clips of him being terrific.

Ya know what, I could go all day here, but instead I’m going to make you all a promise. Before the regular season is over, I’ll publish a full Steven Adams appreciation feature. From the beginning of his career until the 2018 season. You all have my word.

Paul George’s Two-Way Reliability

I’ve said plenty of times, but PG recently made the move from option B to 1A. He’s become so consistent on both sides of the ball and is, in my opinion, the best two-way player in the NBA. He’s been showing out every night as of late, so let’s make sure we continue to appreciate his incredible ability.

Russell Westbrook, but mainly him butting into PG’s media availability last night

Also this (NSFW):


He got a few starts during Russ’ absence, but my guy Ray will always be a walking bucket. Appreciate him while he’s still in the league!

And just because it looks like he eats at Cheesecake Factory six days a week doesn’t mean he’s has no fight in him.


Three Pointers

OKC hit 17 threes last night. That needs to be acknowledged.

Alex Abrines

He’s made huge strides on the defensive end over the last few weeks, which has made him a much more reliable replacement for Roberson. No, he’ll probably never get to that level of defensive prowess, but he’s trending in the right direction, and that’s a great sign for Billy Donovan.

Also he posts pictures like this:

Happy belated Valentines Day Thunder fans! Spread the love this All-Star break while watching Russ and PG showcase their talents out in L.A.