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Wojnarowski: Hamidou Diallo has been a ‘revelation’ for OKC

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Adrian Wojnarowski spoke about the Thunder rookie on the latest Woj Pod.

Sacramento Kings v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

On last week’s episode of the Woj Pod, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Bobby Marks discussed the NBA’s evolving trade market, buyers and sellers, and the current state of the Western Conference.

With the Western Conference seeming somewhat vulnerable as of late, Wojnarowski spoke about who should be on Golden State’s radar, specifically in the Eastern Conference. Woj tracked back to the West, saying that Oklahoma City caught a big break by Hamidou Diallo only missing a few weeks following an ankle sprain. He says the 20-year-old has been a “revelation” for Billy Donovan and the Thunder.

“If you’re Golden State right now, it might feel like there are more threats to you in the Eastern Conference among the elite than the West although Oklahoma City has started to play a lot better and they caught a great break with Diallo only being out a couple of weeks with an ankle injury. He has been a revelation for them. [He] fits how Billy Donovan has wanted to play this year: fast, up-and-down. Dennis Schroder’s been tremendous. Sam Presti turning Carmelo Anthony’s contract into Dennis Schroder this summer, I thought was still the move of the summer.”

Prior to his injury, the second round pick was averaging 6.3 points and 2.8 rebounds over his first 16 games, while fitting seamlessly into Oklahoma City’s face-paced offense.

The Thunder return to action tonight against the Atlanta Hawks at 7:00 PM CST.