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Paul George supports former teammate Carmelo Anthony

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The former Thunder forward has reportedly played his last game in Houston.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Oklahoma City Thunder Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George voiced his support for former teammate Carmelo Anthony on Monday afternoon following the team’s shootaround. Anthony has reportedly played his last game in a Houston Rockets uniform, despite the team saying that they have no intention of waiving the former all-star.

The reason the Rockets aren’t succeeding is not because of Melo,” said George. “It has nothing to do with Melo. For that to be the notion or the headlines is very inaccurate. Fact of the matter is they’re not playing great basketball right now as a group. They have great talent, great players, but it has nothing to do with Melo. Melo’s one of the best scorers, one of the best players, a Hall of Famer.”

Anthony is averaging 13.4 points and 5.4 rebounds over his first ten games in Houston after posting 16.2 and 5.8 in 78 games with the Thunder last season.