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Thunder Shots: Oklahoma City vs Cleveland, 1/21/2018

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Just a little Photoshop fun.

Kirk Irwin @ Getty Images

If the Cleveland Cavaliers entered Saturday’s game looking for an answer about how old, offensive-minded player handle defense, the Thunder clearly gave them one.

In the glow of a 148 point, Oklahoma City era, single game non-overtime scoring record, I thought I would have a little photo editing fun:

We’ve all wondered, and now we know.....

Kirk Erwin @ Getty Images

When a 5’9” PG suddenly realizes that Steven Adams is about to swat his lay-up into the nickel bleachers, does his life pass before his eyes?

David Liam Kyle @ Getty Images
Proper response to an incoming 7’ Kiwi.

Why yes, I think that it does..... indubitably!

You know? When you’re in zone, you’re in a zone.

Paul George nailed 5 three-pointers against the Cavaliers in 7 first half attempts.
Jeff Haynes @ Getty Images

From the wishful thinking department.

Jeff Haynes @ Getty Images

Now that Wade has accepted a bench assignment, a straight trade for either Josh Huestis or Jerami Grant for Dwayne Wade does work in the ESPN Trade Machine. Beside a proven scoring addition for the bench, the Thunder would gain a player with some valuable NBA Finals experience as well as another mentor for Terrance Ferguson.

Ahhh, what might have been.

Oh to be 19 with mad crazy hops and a guaranteed NBA rookie contract, must be nice.

David Liam Kyle @ Getty Images

And finally...

killing time during one of those ridiculously long ABC/ESPN commercial timeouts in a 24 point blow out can be so tedious.

Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook combined for 52 pts, 23 assts, 19 TRB’s, and 3 steals against the Cleveland Cavaliers on January 20th, 2018.
David Liam Kyle @ Getty Images

Oh, less I forget. Do remember when Russell Westbrook broke out “the Urkel” during the 2012 NBA Finals? Well....

Sue Ogrocki

he’s back.

Five years older, as shown by the real lenses in these rims, and after riding the roller coaster of ups and down, thrills and spills, accolades and criticisms, as well as the MVP awards, scoring titles, marriage, and fatherhood these five years brought, much wiser as well.