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Thunder Views: Kiwi Jiu-Jitsu, Technicals, and WESTWOLF

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Last night was weird and Steven Adams is still the best.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

A wins a win, and that’s how OKC should look at Monday night’s victory against the Sacramento Kings. The Thunder outscored the Kings 49-36 in the second half after a slow start to improve to 24-20.

It was a weird game; from OKC trailing by 15 to Russ getting ejected to Billy Donovan receiving a bizarre technical foul, this one had a little bit of everything. Regardless, the Thunder have now won two in a row heading into their matchup with the Lakers on Wednesday night.

I’ll be focusing on the tech-filled sequence that occurred with just under 3 minutes left in Monday’s game, but I do need to point out something from over the weekend that cannot be overlooked.

Steven Adams is a treasure, and now he’s talking about his knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu:

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better.


With just under 3 minutes remaining in last night’s game, Russell Westbrook was called for traveling after getting hit in the face and coming down with the ball. Russ wanted a foul, didn’t get it, and let the refs hear it. Matt Boland gave it right back, as Westbrook quickly received two techs and was ejected from the game.

Billy Donovan was then called for a tech, and suddenly the Kings were only down 8 with 2:50 left. This all happened very quickly, so I was looking forward to hearing what the Thunder head coach had to say postgame. He did not shy away from giving his opinion.

These techs were just another notch on the belt of bad officiating this season. Carmelo Anthony voiced his thoughts postgame as well.

Quick Rumbles

  • Russ is now second in the NBA with 9 technical fouls on the season. His night ended a few minutes early, but Westbrook would finish with 19-9-16.
  • He also didn’t stick around to meet with the media, but was seen leaving the stadium wearing a jacket that said “WESTWOLF” on the back of it. I need a picture of that and I need it yesterday. He may have gotten tossed, but that jacket makes it all all right.
  • Melo had 20 points and 9 rebounds tonight while PG finished with 18 points, 5 steals, and 4 assists.
  • The Jiu-Jitsu loving big man had 13 and 13 on Monday.
  • The Thunder defense forced the Kings to shoot just 30% in the second half last night.
  • OKC won the battle on the boards 58-37.
  • Russ had 10 of OKC’s 20 turnovers. Not ideal.

A Look Ahead

The Thunder will look for their third straight win when the Lakers come to town on Wednesday night. This game will be on ESPN.

Fingers remain crossed that Andre Roberson returns.