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Enes Kanter’s endless stories: ‘Don’t talk to KD’

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So did he, or didn’t he?

In purely Enes Kanter offseason fashion, comedic and/or cringeworthy stories abound. And this time he spoke on the most recent Timeout Podcast with Taylor Rooks, saying his teammates had some...advice in the offseason.

“I’m not going to tell who, but one of my teammates, a couple of weeks before that scrimmage game, said ‘if I see one picture with you and KD’, because he knows that KD lives in the same apartment [complex] as me, ‘don’t come back to OKC’. I’m not going to tell who, but he said that.”

This was of course in reference to the pick-up game covered a few weeks ago with Durant and other NBA players, including Carmelo Anthony. Further, Kanter added:

“After the scrimmage game, 45 minutes later, he called me and said ‘did you talk to him?’ He heard about the game, so he asked me if I talked to him, if I was friendly or not, if I was on his team. I said I wasn’t on his team, and he said ‘you’re lying, I watched you on his team’. I said ‘Ok, I was on his team a little bit.'”

All this was seemingly said in a tongue-in-cheek manner, but still makes for another fun offseason story line until we see real basketball again. My guess? Just a hunch, but I’d say the Funaki was the teammate who said it. Personally I don’t think it was Russell Westbrook, as it’s just not his style, but could really see Steven making a quip to his fellow Stache Bro. We have now also seen Westbrook playing with Melo as well as Lebron James in more recent workouts though, with Durant not present.


Which Thunder teammate do you think would advise against buddying up with Durant?

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