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The Peake Speaks: this week’s top Thunder quotes

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Site contributor David-Scott breaks down this week’s top quotes from Thunder action in his first article of the Peake Speaks WTLC series.

Our first week of Oklahoma City training camp has come to a close, and with media day bringing everyone back together under one roof, there was no doubt that some great quotes would come out after a long and hot summer. That being said, here’s WTLC’s first edition of “The Peake Speaks,” a weekly series which will spotlight a handful of the community’s favorite quotes resulting from the previous week’s Thunder action.

Oklahoma is, and has been, home

After a long and anxious summer of waiting for Russell Westbrook to come out of hiding and sign his extension, he blessed, and relieved, us all with the news that he will be in OKC for another 6 years!

On media day, Westbrook was again bombarded with questions about his un-signed extension, to which Russell reaffirmed that OKC was where he wanted to be, but said a busy summer that included travel and taking care of his newborn son had given him little time to think about the contract.

Is it me, or does that baby have his father’s eyes?

Finally, after signing the $205 million contract, Westbrook released a heart-felt statement which nearly brought me to tears:

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there is no place I would rather be than Oklahoma City."

Steven Adams, The Game Of Thrones Beast

When asked about his first take on becoming a teammates with notorious kiwi-baller Steven Adams, Carmelo Anthony laughed and responded:

“Steven Adams is a monster, man. He’s a monster like somebody from Game of Thrones or something. I love him... The first day, his energy, what he brings to the game, what he brings to the court, his teammates. His energy is incredible.”

(apparently Carmelo and WTLC contributor Mr. Pappagiorgio share the same thoughts)

Felton: extra veteran, reliable leader, and helping hand

On his media day début with the Thunder, Raymond Felton got a chance to discuss his role on team and how much he appreciated the opportunity to play with such a highly competitive squad. When asked about what he will provide the team on and off the bench, he said:

“I’m an extra veteran, a guy that can you know these guys can depend on, a guy that coach can depend on for anything. You need me to go get on Russ, get on Melo, get on PG, whoever it is, I don’t care—I’ll be on them.”

Needless to say, there is a lot of excitement in Oklahoma City about the upcoming season. Stay tuned as I bring the best quotes from the players and coaches each week on The Peake Speaks.