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Ticket prices for Thunder home games skyrocket with Carmelo Anthony’s introduction

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Melo’s entrance into OKC has both fans and the ticket market excited, generating a boom for the Thunder’s home game ticket value.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder-Media Day Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The past few days have been nothing but excitement for OKC fans and NBA fans alike. With Anthony’s trade to Oklahoma City, the Thunder’s home ticket market has skyrocketed.

Chris Leyden, a site analyst from SeatGeek, explained the hike in home resale prices, announcing the average selling point for an OKC home game had jumped 7 percent (a large hike in such a short period of time).

But with even more surprise, the Thunder’s season opener against the Knicks created a 66% spike, an occurrence that is seemingly fictional.

It should be noted though that the current market price for Thunder tickets isn’t anywhere near what we may say with the entrance of the coming season. As described by Brett Dawson from NewsOK, “the spike reflects ticket sellers' optimism that the demand [for OKC’s new big three] will be sky high.” The prices could shift at anytime, but for now will stay somewhat unpredictable.

Hopefully, for the sake of Thunder fans’ wallets, the prices will find their way back down to a resemblance of their former market price, permitting for our recognizable, “Loud City” Thunder crowd.

The Thunder kick off their regular season opener against the New York Knicks in Oklahoma City, on Thursday October 19th, at 8:00 PM EST.