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A look back at Oklahoma City Thunder Media Day 2017

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Hoodie Melo’ ends bench rumors, Russ and PG speak. Plus, RK Anthony goes viral.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder-Media Day Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The tenth Oklahoma City Thunder media day was cause for festivity across Thunder Nation. Newly acquired perennial All-Stars Carmelo Anthony and Paul George combined with reigning league MVP Russell Westbrook to entertain journos and pique fans’ visions of competitive success for the season ahead.

Some of the highlights of Media Day 2017 include:

  • Carmelo Anthony, who some feel could make a larger impact with OKC in a 6th man capacity, quickly halted any such notion when questioned by veteran Thunder journalist Erik Horne.

*Editor’s note: This video from our resident FB Live/Sounds of Thunder guru, RK Anthony, made the viral rounds. To read NBC’s take concerning Melo’s Thunder fit, click here.

  • Carmelo then spoke of his favorable initial impression of the OKC faithful, who warmly greeted him as he arrived in town.

  • Fellow blockbuster summer acquisition Paul George had plenty to say regarding his quest to topple Golden State alongside Westbrook, Anthony and a revitalized Thunder unit.

  • George’s full interview:
  • With George and Carmelo covered, Russell Westbrook took center stage. Among other repartees, Westbrook defends his status as the league’s premiere fashion plate:
  • The full Westbrook interview:
  • While the 2017 NBA MVP is quite engaging, perhaps the day’s snappiest quotes belong to Steven Adams. Adams also gave thoughts concerning the recently traded Enes Kanter:

  • Veteran point guard Raymond Felton’s candor provided a mostly convivial day with an intense element:
  • Coach Donovan gives insight into how he will manage his newly loaded roster.
  • Finally, the architect of one of the greatest offseason hauls in NBA history, Sam Presti, addresses reporters on hand:

In retrospect, perhaps Media Day 2017 will be regarded as the most anticipated in Thunder history. Such a distinction is doubly apropos when considering the gravity this season poses for the future of OKC basketball.

An in-depth look at OKC’s Media Day can be found here. The Thunder began training camp earlier today (Sept. 26).