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Hey There Dwyane Wade, Come On Over To OKC

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D. Wade reached an official buyout agreement with Chicago and Thunder fans couldn’t be more thrilled.

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Sometime late Sunday night, the NBA community received news we all pretty much expected to happen—the Bulls and Dwyane Wade agreed to a buyout. But what does that mean for OKC?

Well at this point in his career Wade wants to win, there’s no doubt about it. His only former Bulls teammate who presented a legitimate possibility of long-term success is now in Minnesota, and Wade is on the tail end of his legendary career.

Sure, Cleveland and LeBron fans can dream all day about Wade “returning” the favor by re-joining LeBron with the hopes of fending off the darkness of the wild west. BUT, with the moves made this off-season, the East is looking shaky, and the West is even scarier. That being said, it’d be in Wade’s best interest to accept the role he’s built to play at this point in his career, and come to the West, for the only chance at contention he can get.

On Saturday, Oklahoma fans were blessed with news of a Carmelo trade, who ironically wanted to play in OKC. And with the addition of George and the re-signing of Roberson, OKC is looking to play hand-and-hand with Houston, San Antonio, and Golden State. Although Wade would most likely not see the likes of a starting position within the Thunder rotation, he’d be the superior sixth-man to lead the younger talent while the new “Big Three” is off of the floor.

Alongside Patterson, Felton, Dakari Johnson, and the other developing talent among the bench, Wade could be the ultimate candidate Presti has been in search of—a talented veteran who can run the floor with ease, while not cracking under the pressures of pestering opponents.

While everything I’ve said thus far is just imaginative speculation and a touch of my D. Wade fan-boy side coming out, I did happen to think very similarly back in mid-spring about a possible Melo-OKC collaboration.

And of course, I’d be just as excited if Wade made an entrance into Cleveland as LeBron needs a serious reason to stay in the East. After all, who outside of a few contending markets DOESN’T want to see the once unbeatable Miami beach duo together again?

Though, Wade would certainly be a welcome addition among an expanding OKC roster.


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