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Welcome to Loud City offers An Ode to Enes Kanter

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No matter where you go, always know Oklahoma is your home.

We love you too Enes!


You came to Oklahoma in February 2015. We still remember how excited we were the day the Thunder acquired you, even though we weren’t sure what to expect. Two years later, we can say with total confidence, that for those seasons we got an incredibly skilled big man on the court and even bigger man off it. You were one the best teammates Russ had when things were darkest. When people questioned him and said no one would play with him (cough, cough Cowherd), you were the first to stick up for your brother with this response:

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. - Walter Winchell

And it wasn’t an isolated event, or just one teammate. You and Steven Adams formed what has to be the NBA’s greatest bromance — P.S. I look forward to seeing you two go against each other this November — and together you made us laugh with your videos and smile at the obvious bond of friendship you shared.

In addition, you were a stand up member of the OKC community. Your work with area kids and standing up for human rights were a source of pride for everyone around you. It hasn’t been that long, but in this span I feel you’ve carved a wonderful and well-deserved piece of Thunder nation’s heart and may be more beloved than you know. I know I will root for you no matter where your career may take you.

We all wish you nothing but the absolute best in New York and hope to see you succeed everywhere you go. No matter what. please know that Oklahoma City fans appreciate you and are glad to say you are and will always be considered a member of the Thunder family. Oklahoma will always be your home. Peace my good man, peace.

Update: Enes had some parting words for Thunder fans we hope he knows when he returns, he will always be welcomed as a brother off the court and an honored foe on it.

One last time Okla-Home

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