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Russell Westbrook Scores #7 On Sports Illustrated top 50 fittest athletes

Westbrook shines bright in the 2017 list of fittest athletes by Sports Illustrated.

original image © Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma City’s very own Russell Westbrook has found himself yet another offseason personal achievement, (as if being named an NBA MVP and signing the most lucrative shoe deal with Jordan Brand wasn’t enough). Most recently we’ve gotten a look upon what Sports Illustrated dictates as the Top 50 Fittest Athletes, and if you have enough energy in you to scroll all the way to the bottom, you’ll find a good looking fella named Russell at number seven.

Sports Illustrated describes Westbrook’s historical, MVP, triple-double season, and notes his achievement is the first since Robertson in 1962.

Westbrook earned the 2017 NBA MVP after averaging a triple double over the season, a feat no NBA player had achieved since Oscar Robertson in 1961–62, and earning a record 42 of them. Standing at 6’3”, Westbrook has an impressive 7-foot wingspan, explosive speed and stamina—plus a smooth shot.

Though listing his success on court, it would’ve been much more fitting had they gone into full detail about his hard work ethic, strenuous training, and the disciplined diets he goes through in order to compete at the level he does.

To get an idea of how SI graded some of the other familiar NBA faces we see on there, here is a list of where Westbrook falls compared to the rest.

  • 46. Blake Griffin
  • 35. Kawhi Leonard
  • 30. Hassan Whiteside
  • 7. Russell Westbrook
  • 2. LeBron James

Personally, I think the picks are somewhat disorganized, contains a significant amount of bias, and leaves some seriously important names off of the list. It’d also be interesting to see what criteria they based their picks off of, and how Hassan Whiteside can be 5 spots higher than Kawhi Leonard? Nevertheless, us OKC obsessives can’t complain, as it really is nice to see Russ make the Top 10 among such a multi-talented group of prestigious athletes.