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Sounds of Thunder: 48 Minutes Interviews RK Anthony about Paul George and OKC

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There’s a new player in the sports podcasting game and I was excited to be a part of one their first ten episodes.

Layne Murdoch@Getty Images

A few weeks ago I was checking my email and saw a invitation to do a podcast interview from a source named simply, “48.” I had been remiss in checking my inbox and the invite was over a week old when I found it. Assuming the opportunity had passed I almost deleted the email, but the name associated with it intrigued me, so I opened it.

Hi RK,

My name is Sean Mackey. I'm a co-host of 48 MINUTES podcast and I'm writing you today to extend an invitation to be a guest on our show. We're currently focusing on 2017-18 NBA team previews and we'd love to pick your brain about the Thunder's offseason including the league shocking Paul George trade, adding Raymond Felton, Patrick Patterson and what to expect from Westbrook after coming off a record setting MVP season.

As it turned out, it was an open date invitation in which I could set the time on an evening of my choice. The format to connect to the podcast was extremely simple, the time commitment under an hour, so I informed Josh and Sherm to make sure there were no conflicts of interest. There wasn’t, so I thought, what the heck, I’m going to look into it. I mean honestly, when have I ever NOT been willing to talk about the Thunder and Russell Westbrook?

Having learned the hard way in an interview I did last year, I pulled up the 48 Minutes site before committing and listened to a few of their earlier podcasts and instantly liked their style. A few emails later, we were all set. The interview was scheduled for the evening of August 23rd and aired on September 1st:

Talking Thunder hoops with Alex Derickson and Tim Daniel was great fun, unfortunately, my email contact with the show, Sean Mackey, was unable to take part, which completely blew my chance to extend a personal invitation for him to become a Thunder fan this season. So here is my pitch:

Sean, while researching your site I read that after a disappointing 2017 NBA Draft you are currently a man without a country so to speak after disowning the Bulls. Allow me a chance to sell the merits of becoming a Thunder fan.

  1. Russell Westbook - When you follow “the Brodie” every game is a new adventure. Boring and Russell Westbrook have NEVER been in a sentence together (well... at least not before I just put them in a sentence together) and I would gauge the drama level of a Westbrook led Thunder team somewhere above Game of Thrones but without the blood letting of Dance Moms. (trust me, those women are vicious...)
  2. Rumble the Bison - The Thunder mascot is a distant cousin of Benny the Bull thus allowing you to maintain your dedication to ovine spirit leaders.
  3. The Thunder will win - The Thunder are going to win their fair share of games this season. The current line from Vegas puts the over/under at 51.5 which guarantees post season fun with a possible run to the WCF’s. Since they are not favored to win the west, opting to follow the Thunder gives you the opportunity to satisfy your win-tooth without being labeled a bandwagon jumper and running the risk of becoming the brunt of a Peyton Manning joke when your site becomes famous. (don’t make the same PR mistake “he who will not be named” made.)
  4. A chance to make your announcement on my WTLC Facebook LIVE broadcast!!! I hate to brag, but I have been known to have as many as 25 viewers.... at the same time!!

Honestly Sean, what other team beats the Thunder in this case? As a life-long Bulls fan, any other eastern conference team is off the table. In the west, the Texas teams aren’t an option because as any Sooner fan that bleeds crimson and cream will tell you, Texas sucks. The Suns are just going to be awful, as are the Lakers and Kings. The Nuggets, Jazz, and Trailblazers will leave you hanging come playoff time. The JaMychal Green RFA situation in Memphis has them teetering on the edge of collapse and let’s face it, minus Chris Paul, Lob City is dead.

We’ve discussed the perils of becoming a Warriors fan so that just leaves Minnesota and New Orleans. Let’s dispense with the Big Easy first. Sure, they have Boogie and the Brow, but really, who wants to spend the big dollars Nike is going to ask for a new jersey when you have to wear a ball cap with a big ugly bird on it?


I see the T-Wolves as the Thunder’s biggest rival for your loyalty. They already have Thibs, now they have Jimmy, but I would advise caution. Apparently this break-up with the Bulls has been painful and following a team with personnel so closely linked to the past can only cause more heartache.

There, I’ve done all I can. You’re a grown man, follow your heart, and know this; no matter what decision you make I will hold no grudges and will gladly accept any invitation to sit down with you, Alex, and Tim. You guys are on to something special, keep up the good work.