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Thunder Reveals New 2017-2018 ‘Statement Edition’ Alternate Jersey

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OKC has finally released pictures on their Twitter of this years new and improved alternate jersey.

Oklahoma City Thunder

After a long summer of waiting around hoping Nike would implement something somewhat creative with the Thunder’s 2017-2018 kits, the “alternates” may just fill our longing offseason needs. The new jersey features a gorgeous combination of dark blue to glowing orange, alongside an unfamiliar but fresh OKC text-type.

Unfortunately for us long-time pundits and fans of the Thunder who have been dying for a design change among the years of consistent Thunder kits, this “alternate” won’t be debuting until November 24th against the Pistons.

Take a quick look below at some of the photos released on the Thunder’s twitter to fulfill your daily need of Paul George in brand new OKC kit.

Thunder’s style breakdown of the “Statement Edition” alternate jersey.
Oklahoma City Thunder
A design on the back is supposedly meant to represent sound waves of OKC’s notouriously loud venue.
Oklahoma City Thunder
The jersey appears darker at different angles, allowing for the sunset orange colors to pop off of the jersey.
Oklahoma City Thunder