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Oklahoma City Thunder Hire Former Orlando Magic GM, Rob Hennigan

In a recent report by Michael Scatto of Basketball Insiders, the Thunder have reportedly hired former Magic GM, Rob Hennigan.

NBA: Orlando Magic-Press Conference Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder have officially hired former Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan. Hennigan is no newcomer to the Thunder organization, having previously worked for OKC from 2008 to 2012.

The community received the news of the Hennigan to OKC story when Michael Scatto of Basketball Insiders tweeted:

Hennigan’s stay in Orlando since 2012 wasn’t much of a success story, to say the least. The Magic were never competent enough to make the playoffs, and a 35 win season during Oladipo’s breakout year in 2015 was the high water mark.

Hennigan has had a long relationship with OKC general manager Sam Presti, which is most likely the primary reason he is getting a second chance in Oklahoma. He began his history with Presti back in 2004 when he worked as an intern for the Spurs, and moved to OKC one year after Presti made his move.

The front-office position filled by Rob Hennigan has been open ever since former assistant GM Michael Winger took up on a GM job at the L.A. Clippers. It’s quite important to note that the Thunder still retain assistant GM Troy Weaver, and a ton of other highly-respected voices inside the organization. While it is still unclear what official position Hennigan will hold in Presti’s front-office, we can only hope his second chance within the Thunder will be a more successful one, filling the substantial void that Winger left behind.