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Oklahoma City Thunder offseason rumors: Russell Westbrook not ready to sign extension

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NBA’s richest contract expected to remain idle as Westbrook travels from offseason Los Angeles residence to visit OKC

BIG3 - Week Three Photo by J Pat Carter/BIG3/Getty Images

According to NewsOK, offseason Los Angeles resident Russell Westbrook will not sign an extension during his latest OKC stopover.

While Oklahoma City Thunder officials remain hopeful concerning a re-sign of its star guard, Westbrook’s reticence to finalize what would be the richest deal in league history has led to varied speculations concerning his NBA future.

With a pen-stroke, the reigning league MVP could earn $235 Million over six years in OKC. This amount factors Westbrook’s current 17-18’ salary of $28.5 M and stipulations associated with the NBA’s Designated Player Veteran Exception.

With so much money sitting, consequently, several outlets have bandied free-agency 18’ theories which link potential free-agents LeBron James, Westbrook, and Paul George together next summer in any number of locations.

Recently, Westbrook and James stoked hearsay by partnering for a round of Las Vegas workouts.

Further, as earlier mentioned, the 28-year-old reigning NBA MVP enjoys offseasons at his Los Angeles home, while making sporadic downtime trips to the big friendly.

At this point, Westbrook holds several contractual options regarding his professional future. And as he sorts them, it appears Thunder Nation and the basketball world will have ample time to ponder an outcome.