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Attention HBO: It’s time to give Steven Adams a Cameo in Game of Thrones!

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We need your help! Come get the details of the official Change.Org Petition!

Steven Adams as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones

Will Copeland has begun an official Change.Org Petition to get Oklahoma City Thunder enforcer Steven Adams an HBO cameo offer as a member of the Dothraki on the mega-hit Game of Thrones.

Who is Will Copeland? Why did he start the petition? Who the hell knows? I sure don’t, but the bottom line is that this idea is pure genius and we need the Thunder Faithful just like you to head on over and pledge your support! Click the link above now to pledge your support!

Not convinced yet? Take a look below at this epic shot of Steven Adams looking quite cosy sitting atop the iconic Iron Throne. If this doesn’t convince you, continue on...

Steven Adams sits upon the mighty Iron Throne

What house do you support? Are you team Stark? Team Lannister? Team Daenerys? Well we’re definitely on Team Adams and he is definitely not on the side of Team Lannister! I mean just look below and see Adams in the process of squashing Jamie’s severed head as the Mother of Dragons and John Snow look on in approval! Even Jamie seems to be loving it!

Just look at how amazing he could look squashing Jamie Lannisters severed head!

Still not convinced? Come on man! Just look at how majestic Steven Adams is as he approaches one of the Dragons to show it some affection! Clearly, he is at home in this world and how about that confidence? I mean he’s petting a Dragon for Pete’s sake!

Steven Adams looks even more glorious than John Snow as he approached a Dragon to pet it in a recent episode of Game of Thrones

Well what about our header image? Will that convince you? Look how amazing Adams looks in this amazing cosplay of Khal Drogo! I mean, clearly, this man is filled with Dothraki blood and just oozes charisma on screen!

Steven Adams makes an Amazing Khal Drogo don’t you think?

Okay, okay, so those are all quite silly for sure, but what might Adams actually look like as a Dothraki warrior in a real episode? Look below and you can see my horrible photoshop skills clearly demonstrate that Adams was born to be in this show and he needs our support! So stop laughing at all these horrible photoshops and jump over to and vote!!!

Look at how Glorious Steven Adams looks on this wonderful stallion. A true Dothraki Warrior!