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Oklahoma City Thunder news: Russell Westbrook named ‘players voice’ NBA MVP

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Westbrook also earned two additional NBPA awards on Friday

2017 NBA Awards Live On TNT - Inside Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for TNT

Friday, via Twitter announcement, Russell Westbrook’s peers agreed that the reigning NBA Most Valuable Player is worthy of his title.

In addition, the 6’3 Oklahoma City Thunder fashionista earned billing as “best dressed” and “hardest to guard” by an NBPA Player’s Voice voting panel.

On June 26, during the NBA’s inaugural Awards Show, Westbrook edged James Harden and Kawhi Leonard for Maurice Podoloff Trophy honors.

And while OKC recently acquired All-League standout Paul George, Bovada.LV lists Westbrook as a 7/2 favorite to secure 2018 MVP honors.

Though some disagree with the six-time All Star’s MVP selection, citing Oklahoma City’s 47 wins as a sticking point, Friday’s announcement further legitimizes the bold decision made by media to place Westbrook’s 16-17 achievements ahead of traditional voting markers.

During his 79 appearances last year, Russell Westbrook averaged 31-10-10 and broke Oscar Roberson’s longstanding single-season triple-double record.