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Sounds of Thunder: The Enes Kanter Project

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Kanter has been working out with the big dogs this summer.

After all my hard work, a bone came my way this evening: Comment on a report about Enes Kanter’s invite to run with the King, the Rat, and some other NBA big dogs.

Sounded simple enough, and it gave me a chance to play with some video, so here goes:

For years, Enes Kanter has promised that defense would be his primary summertime focus and we learned a few weeks ago, the big Turk is also working on his 3-point shot!

I took the raw video from the above link and cut it down to just the Kanter “highlights” to help us gauge his progress...

Well.... I guess there is only one thing to say about Kanter’s defensive chops....

Noticeably missing from the raw footage, if you took the time to watch it, were Kanter 3-pointers. Everyone was taking them from what I saw. Where were Kanters?

The answer is simple. The footage was nothing but MADE shots, no bricks.

I have no doubt Kanter took his fair share of long distance attempts, and came up with a big goose egg for his effort. Nada, nicht, kahore he mea, or in Kanter’s native tongue, hiçbir şey değil.... NOTHING!!

He wasted time all summer on a shot he can’t even make in a pick up game and that is why we will be seeing gems like this for the foreseeable future!!

oi veh

I just recently started watching the Starz original series, Survivor’s Guilt, Lebron’s brain child. It’s not bad, but it reeeeee-ally pissed me off when they killed Cam’s uncle. I mean hey!! What’s up killing off the OG? (note to LBJ, fire the producer, MASH was never the same after Radar left)

But I digress....

The trailer for the upcoming season starts with a great scene that makes me think of our boy Enes every time I see it:

(another note to LBJ, delete previous note, but the OG still shouldn’t have been written out...)

Suffice it to say, IF Oklahoma City is paying Enes Kanter $100 a night for defense, he’s over-payed.

That defense needs work Enes — it needs a lot of work!