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Oklahoma City Thunder free agency: Andre Roberson returns to Oklahoma City Thunder

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Defensive standout Roberson re-signs on a 3-year $30 M Deal

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As free agency progresses and the Oklahoma City Thunder have fostered a "win now" mindset by accruing luxury tax penalties for acquisitions Paul George and Patrick Patterson, business resumed Wednesday with a re-signing of second-team All Defensive holdover Andre Roberson.

Roberson, openly among Sam Presti’s wish list this offseason, re-upped for an assumed 3-year $30 M contract.

Reports state the 25-year-old declined an earlier four-year $48 M extension last fall so he could test the summer’s market as a restricted free agent. Though, this probing would last just five days as the fourth-year Thunder remained true to his word of establishing roots alongside his only professional employer.

Having earned just over $5 M throughout a four-year NBA career, the hard-working Roberson accepted less than market-value in order to re-join a Thunder group which now presumably ranks among next season’s defensive elite.

And while Oklahoma City is already deep into the luxury tax —using its taxpayer’s exception on Patrick Patterson— Presti convinced Roberson that his defensive prowess will ideally fit alongside the high-scoring duo of Russell Westbrook and George.

Acquired by Oklahoma City in August 2013, Andre Roberson has long embodied the spirit of Oklahoma City Thunder basketball. Roberson’s four-year, 256 game journey from fringe first-round draft choice to All-NBA Second Team defensive member has developed entirely as a fiercely loyal Thunder.

Now that journey continues for three additional seasons.