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Oklahoma City Thunder Loud Links: Rumors link Westbrook, James, and George next summer

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Could a power-play be brewing? Also, Terrance Ferguson signs with OKC.

2017 NBA Awards Live On TNT - Inside Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for TNT

As weeks pass and Russell Westbrook’s near quarter-Billion dollar extension sits unendorsed, the boom-or-bust Oklahoma City Thunder must entertain each summer ‘18 plot-twist, however far-reaching.

And with one superstar’s Judas kiss floating about this city of ephemeral hope, Thunder Nation surveys yet another conceivably hazardous power-alignment narrative.

"Westbrook watched Kevin Durant walk away from the Thunder and win a championship with the already dominant Golden State Warriors. James, too, wants to take the Warriors down having lost to them in the NBA Finals twice in three years."

Tucked within the arid Vegas backdrop, Westbrook and LeBron James currently embrace a brotherhood fostered by development. Perhaps too conveniently, though, during these workouts, each cornerstone remains unbeholden to ransom offers from their employers.

Meanwhile, newly instated Thunder Paul George is enjoying summer downtime, but when his decision time arrives he has presumably cast his lot with whichever movement wields the most power.

Obviously, in an arms race to overcome Golden State, and with each at various heights of prime ability, the possibility of Westbrook, James, and George uniting next summer either in OKC, LAL, or elsewhere cannot be discounted —especially considering James’ propensity for assembling star trios.

To wit, varying theories now circulate detailing how this gathering might unfold. Linked is Newsweek’s account concerning the season’s foremost undercurrent.

Welcome To Loud City, Terrance Ferguson.

Following an eventful summer, featuring FIBA issues and an involuntary Summer League no-show, 19-year-old Thunder draftee Terrance Ferguson is officially a Thunder.

With his signing, OKC must now trim its sixteen guaranteed contracts to the league-mandated fifteen by October 20.

This undertaking should become an eventful summer-watch for Oklahoma City die-hards.