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Oklahoma City Thunder Boiler Room Discussion

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What are the chances? What are the odds?

Seth Davis: [Narrating] I’m plagued by “what ifs?”these days, what if Greg hadn’t come over that night, what if I hadn’t forgot my bag? or seen Michael walk into the other building that day? what if i had skipped over Harry’s card? what are the chances? what are the odds? – Boiler Room

If you are like me, you probably read that last quote in your best Giovanni Ribisi voice. As he states in the hit movie Boiler Room. Yes, I definitely used the term hit loosely, as if to say, if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and go watch it, you won’t be disappointed, and if you are, well, I still got you to watch it, so there! Near the end of the movie, Seth Davis, retrospectively ponders a number of “what if” scenarios that if just one had gone differently, it could have drastically changed the outcome of his story.

When it comes to the Thunder, I, am plagued by what if’s these days, although most of them are not retrospectively. But just for fun, here are a few retrospective “what if’s.” What if we had decided to keep James Harden? What if James Harden and Kevin Durant had stayed? What if Kevin Durant was willing to take less money to keep that three-headed monster together? What if this group had already won a championship? Or two? Or Three? What if?

Those aren’t really the what if’s I’m thinking about these days, though. The what if’s I think about now are more forward thinking. What if this team doesn’t gel quickly and we get close to the trade deadline with a .500 record? What if Sam Presti decides to trade George? What if Sam Presti pulls off another miracle move and gets terrific value out of George? What if that influences Westbrooks decision? What if we enter the break with a great record and a team that is showing we can compete with or even beat the likes of Golden State? What if this affects what Paul George decides to do at the end of the season? What if Paul George’s decision will be based on the end result of this season? What if he decides to make his decision based on his experience with the organization, the fans, and the City? What if?

What if we re-sign Paul George? What if that’s not enough to convince Westbrook to re-sign and cement his flag as the forever face of the Thunder? What if we re-sign George but not Westbrook? What if?

What if we re-sign Russell Westbrook and Paul George? What if? What are the chances? What are the odds?

What if I had to add this additional line because now its rumored we might be pulling the trigger on Carmelo Anthony? What if we start the season with Westbrook, George, and Anthony? What if it works?

What if you left a comment below and told us what your thoughts on the matter are?