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Welcome to Loud City LIVE!!

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RK and his guest, WTLC contributor Mark Bruty, cover the hot Thunder topics from the past few weeks.

Spoiler alert - KD can’t act.

This has been the most exciting off-season in recent memory and the Oklahoma City Thunder have led the charge since June 30th. I have been busting at the seams to sit and chat about everything that has come about since the Paul George trade and was fortunate enough to talk my bro Mark Bruty into joining me for a Facebook LIVE broadcast.

During the discussion we cover everything from the players the Thunder have added and what they bring to the party to how they fit together. There are even a few bold early summer predictions thrown in for good measure. As always, the format is crude, the dialogue occasionally rude, but as Mark put it after the show, it was some “good banter” and we hope you enjoy it.