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Oklahoma City Thunder offseason: WTLC Q and A Kanter’s diminished trade value and Westbrook’s potential MVP night

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WTLC Twitter mailbag discusses Kanter’s ordeal and the value of Westbrook and Harden’s MVP showdown amid a predictable post-season

NBA: Playoffs-Oklahoma City Thunder at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s edition of WTLC Twitter Oklahoma City Thunder fan mail centers around Kanter’s ongoing controversy and diminished trade value, Russell Westbrook’s MVP chase, and NBA Finals predictions.

While Oklahoma City’s salary-cap restrictions make the acquisition of a prized free-agent slim, Kanter's political imbroglio does raise concerns with GM’s otherwise interested in swapping assets for the Thunder power forward this offseason.

The sobering reality amid a fractured global climate is that fans, NBA arenas, and team personnel hosting Kanter now must be on heightened alert for retaliatory actions.

This is unfortunate, as Enes Kanter ranks among the NBA’s most charitable, and amiable personalities.

However, with the Turkish government both seeking criminal extradition of and having placed Kanter on its most-wanted terrorist list, potential trade discussions for the 25-year-old now include complications far greater than his overt defensive liabilities.

Though a troubling scenario, I believe it only minimally detracts from Westbrook’s MVP candidacy. Especially in light of one of the most trite post-seasons in league history.

As Golden State and underdog Cleveland prepare for their rubber match, one could say the NBA’s excitement this season revolved around Westbrook and Harden’s historic campaigns. That stated, to most, June 26 and the Most Valuable Player announcement will represent the season’s apex.

While mentioning the Finals, here is a look at WTLC Twitter’s NBA Finals predictions: Responses on this thread are diverse and impassioned.